Do I need a GP referral for an appointment?

You do not need a GP referral to make an appointment. You only require a GP referral if you are eligible and wish to make a Medicare rebate claim. You can book an appointment by contacting our practice on 0412 025 593 or through our Contact page.


Can I claim a rebate from Medicare?


If you have had a chronic medical condition for at least 6 months or it is terminal (for example, asthma, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and stroke), you and your GP can agree to a Chronic Disease Management Plan. To be eligible, your GP must include a visit/s to a dietitian for you as part of your care plan. 


How do I know if I am eligible for a Medicare rebate claim?


You will need to make an appointment with your GP and discuss if you can get a Chronic Disease Management Plan for your health condition. For your convenience, give this Referral Enquiry Letter to your GP.


Can I claim a rebate from my private health care?


Most Private Health Insurance funds offer rebates for consultations with Dietitians. We recommend contacting your private health fund directly to check your level of cover and entitlements to see if you will be covered. 


Can I claim both Medicare and Private Health Fund for my visit?


No, if you are eligible for both, you must choose which one to claim your rebate.


How much is the Medicare rebate claim?


The Medicare rebate is for $53.80 per consult if you have a Chronic Disease Management plan from your GP. Please bring a copy of your plan along to your appointment so we can process the rebate immediately for you. Please note there is a small out-of-pocket expense.


Can you claim rebates on phone or skype consultations?


Unfortunately Private Health Funds and Medicare do not currently offer rebates on phone or skype consultations. Health Professionals are working to change this, so check back for updates.

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