Are you struggling to keep the weight off? Been on a few diets only to find the weight comes straight back on (& some)?

Here are 6 things to do to prevent that weight from creeping back on, let's dive in!


According to the U.S. National Weight Control Registry, 96% on the register who lost weight started to moving more...walking is totally included, so pull on your favourite P.E. Nation or Girlfriend Collective leggings (ie. the last pair of leggings you will ever need!) and work it. They also found 90% of those who lost weight and kept it off, exercised EVERY DAY. Move your body, do some yoga, a sweat workout, go for a walk, weight session, team sports, hike anything, just get moving.


This is so important, 98% of people on the registry changed their eating habits to lose and maintain weight loss. I am ALL about changing your habits here is why, if you're a snacker, I can give you lower calorie snack options, but it's really not solving the issue, you're still constantly grazing. You need to change the habit of snacking (more on this to come!).


78% ate breakfast every day. As always, find what works for you. If you like to get up, do some movement and not eat until you get to work or after school drop off, that's totally a-okay! If you like to have breakfast as soon as you get up, that's okay too, but please eat something and make it nutritious (I'm not talking about smoothie bowls).

Plus, we know that a breakfast containing protein is great to keep you satisfied through the morning and prevent those mid-morning blood sugar drops. Leave the steak for breakfast for die hard gym buffs, yoghurt, eggs, kefir even beans are all on the menu!


This is a real topical one. Weighing yourself everyday is not going to have an impact, do it once a week to 'check-in' if that's you're thing. If you are a daily weigher, don't look at the day in isolation-this can mess with you mentally, look at the average over the week (note: personally, I'm not a fan of daily weighing because if you don't see the number you want, emotionally, it can negatively roll over in other areas of your day. For some, they work well with this, other don't, so do what is best for you :))

Here comes the but...if you've increased your exercise, take into consideration your body composition might be changing and you may have baby muscles popping through (heck yes!).

Here are some other ways you can check-in:

-Try on a certain item of clothing and noticing if it's tighter/looser each week

-Progress photo-front, side and back

-A progress video. Stand in the same spot in your bathroom-set the phone up and take a video of yourself turning so you can see all the different angles

-Measure your waist-this is a real indicator of health, there's a particular way to do this so you know it's done the same way each time

-Energy levels if you're feeling flat, work out why

If you currently or previously have had an eating disorder, this one isn't for you.


What's interesting is that people who eat healthy all the time are 1.5 times more successful in keeping the weight off than those that restrict their diet during the week, and relax on the weekends and further to this, those that were more relaxed on holidays had a greater risk of weight regain. So, what does this tell us? Consistency my friend. Eat healthy all year round. Don't restrict in November so you can relax during the holiday season. Eat healthy through it all!


Self-regulating, recognising when you are off track & make adjustments. If you noticed you have regained a few kilos, working out what is happening & catching it before it turns into a complete regain of what you have lost & your hard work. This isn't to stress you out or cause anxiety, it's self-awareness & working through what's going on.

I'm going to round off with this, because I know for some, their weight is an ongoing battle & emotionally it can take it's toll, so if you're trying to lose weight & it just won't get lost, have a look at this post below.

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