While we are all locked down, the baking addiction has reached next level! While COVID-19 is everywhere and I am not the person to be telling you what to do. I too will be listening to what our leaders and doctors are telling us-stay home! (and bake)-okay so I added the last bit. But what I can do, is use my skills to help you stay as healthy as possible with what you have access to, during this time.

So, here is a fun recipe Pantry Staple Blondies.


Use what you have.

Butter beans & Cannellini beans both work with this! Drain & Rinse the tin-I leave it to drain for a bit to get rid of as much liquid as possible

Don't have dark choc chips-switch it up with milk chocolate or break pieces of a block of chocolate up. It's only 50g in the whole recipe.

No honey? Try maple syrup or other sweetener instead.

Spotty (overripe) bananas are too strong in this recipe these ones are best left for the banana bread or peel and pop in a container in the freezer for later.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!


Ps. If you know someone who you think would like this-it would mean a lot if you shared this!

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