Wholelife Nutrition & Dietetics was started by Sarah Viney with the vision to improve your quality of life. We help you make healthier choices, creating sustainable lifestyle habits. Everyone is different. The Wholelife approach is individualised by looking at the interplay of how you feel, think, eat and interact with food in the context of your built environment. We educate and support you by giving you the skills, tools and knowledge to improve your health. We want you to feel happier and healthier.


Hey, I'm Sarah,


an Accredited Practising Dietitian is committed to helping you love food that will love you back! She is particularly interested in gut health, womens health and weight management. Sarah works hard to breakdown the complicated world of nutrition into language for non-scientists. She believes it's not all about 'what' people are eating but also the 'how' and 'why' behind food choices. Her approach is authentic and realistic because she genuinely cares for your health, and wants you to feel amazing. When you are happy and healthy, everything else falls into place. You can contact Sarah for a consultation here.

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Location: Perth, Western Australia

Ph: 0412 025 593

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